Proxi Spray & Walk Away Stain Remover & Deodorizer

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- Cleans as well as Dries Rapidly
No Scrubbing
No Blotting
No Rinsing
- Oxidizes Discoloration Molecule
Eliminates Odors
No Residue
Safe to Use

- Patent-Protected
Modern technology PROXI is a liquid, one part cleaning up composition consisting of Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxygen. Bleach), a stabilized oxidizing. representative as well as compatible formula. ingredients. Hydrogen Peroxide. breaks down the organic. Compounds, the body fluids, the. grease and also grime, coffee and mold. The outcome is a progressive fading of the stain. PROXI liquefies raw material getting rid of relevant odors. While the tarnish is removed from the carpet & furniture, PROXI will not bleach the shade out! 

PROXI destroys odor-causing issues such as vomit, pee, hair, oil, mold and mildew, sour milk and mildew, without the use of fragrances or fragrance. It does not mask odors it destroys the microorganisms by triggering them.
Hydrogen Peroxide is a well-known antiseptic and anti-bacterial.
A lot of notable after making use of PROXI is the tidy scent because of the oxidation of smell causing microbes. 

PROXI works without rubbing, blotting or rinsing.
Simply spray as well as leave. This makes certain that fibers will not be damaged by hostile mechanical abrasion. PROXI will clean fragile textiles securely without "roughing up" the textile surface.

PROXI is safe to the individual. The components used have no Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC's) and leaves no dangerous residual chemical footprint due to the fact that it breaks down into water and also oxygen after it completes its job.

PROXI ™ Spray & Leave.