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Miele has been a symbol of German precision and quality for over a century. Their home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, are designed to exceed your expectations. Miele products combine durability and performance, ensuring that your household tasks are completed with ease and for many years to come.

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Latest Products

Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor Canister Vacuum


Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum


Miele Compact C2 Hardfloor Canister


Miele Compact C2 TotalCare Canister


Miele Compact C2 Cat and Dog Canister


Miele C3 Complete Limited Edition


Miele Complete C3 Excellence Canister Vacuum


Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog PowerLine


Miele Complete C3 PowerPlus Canister Vacuum


Miele Boost CX1 Powerline Bagless Canister


Miele Boost CX1 Parquet Powerline


Miele Boost CX1 Cat and Dog Powerline


Miele Bagless Blizzard CX1 Total Care Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Bagless Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Triflex HX2 Lotus White Stick Vacuum


Miele Triflex HX2 Cat and Dog Cordless Stick Vacuum


Miele Triflex HX2 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum


Miele SEB 217-3 Powerhead


Miele SEB 228 Powerhead


Miele SEB 236 Powerbrush


Miele STB 305-3 TurboTeq


Miele SBD 365-3 AllTeq Floorhead


Miele SEB 430 Electrobrush Lotus White


Miele SEB 435 Electrobrush with Brilliant Light


Miele SBB-300 Parquet Twister Floor Brush


Miele SBB 400-3 Extra Large Smooth Floor Brush


Miele STB 101 Hand Brush


Miele Electro Comfort Handheld Brush HX SEB


Miele SET-220 Electric Telescopic Wand


Miele Non-Electric Telescopic Wand 9480845


Miele SFD 10 Crevice Nozzle 30cm


Miele SFD 20 Flexible Crevice Nozzle


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