Numatic International

Numatic International has some of the finest cleaning products in the business. Known for their reliability and high-performance features, Numatic's line of canister vacuums, vacuum cleaners, and commercial vacuums are trusted around the world by homeowners and businesses to provide the cleaning power needed to take care of large messes.

Numatic is most known for its line of Henry corded and cordless vacuums which we carry in-store and online. We also carry their Nacecare line which is a highly recommended commercial vacuum cleaner.

To increase performance and productivity, Numatic has released the helpful Nu-Assist app that provides a simple and user-friendly solution for training. Quickly and easily learn all of the tips and tricks related to their vacuum cleaners and become a cleaning master in no time.

For more information on the Numatic International products that we carry, take a look down below or come down to our store to see how we can help.

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