Miele STB 101 Hand Brush

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Miele STB 101 Hand Brush

Miele STB101 Hand Turbobrush to solve the age old problem of how to clean areas where you can't fit a carpet power head. Introducing the Miele STB101 - an air driven mini power brush for deep cleaning carpeted stairs, upholstery, cars, mattresses, couches, chairs and just about anywhere you can't fit your full size power head.

The quick release button grants you full access to the inside for easy cleaning without tools. An extra large turbine allows more power to the rotating brush while operating quieter than most others on the market. This mini turbo head is a must for busy homes, pet owners, car enthusiasts and just about anyone with carpeted stairs.

Key Features:

  • Air driven rotating brush.
  • 6.5" cleaning path.
  • Geared non-slip belt.
  • No tools required for assembly.

Fits All Miele Vacuum Cleaners.