Deluxe Fit All Combo Carpet & Floor Tool - 12"
Deluxe Fit All Combo Carpet & Floor Tool - 12"
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Deluxe Fit All Combo Carpet & Floor Tool - 12"

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12" Wide Deluxe Combination Floor and Carpet Attachment - 1 1/4" Fit All Size This deluxe combo tool has a metal base and heavy duty plastic for added durability.

The brushes extend all the way around the head instead of just a single row at the front of the tool. This promotes better airflow and picks up better than the standard combo tool.

A soft rubber bumper which surrounds the combination tool prevents accidental scratches on furniture and walls.

Combo Tools are perfect for cleaning homes with a mixture of bare floor and flat carpet. With the ability to extend the brushes for bare floor cleaning and quickly retracting them for carpet, this tool is perfect for cleaning quickly and efficiently.

No more switching tools back and forth, simply step on the lever when changing from carpet to floor.

We suggest this tool for homes with light traffic and no pets as there is no agitating brush only suction to lift light dirt and dust.