Three Benefits to Air Purifiers

With Canadians spending around 94 percent of their time indoors, it's essential that their indoor air has high quality. Many assume that because their home is protected from the elements by walls, doors, and windows, this is a given — but unfortunately, it's not.

Many things can contribute to bad air quality in the home and without some maintenance, it's not going to get any better. Those susceptible to it will be even worse off, with asthma sufferers and those with other respiratory problems feeling the pain.

Luckily, you don't have to suffer from poor air quality. There are many things you can do and when it comes to Dyson air purifiers in Calgary, Dynamic Vacuums is a great place to shop!
Understand what causes bad air quality, and keep your house from going that way!

#1: It Can Vastly Improve Air Quality

With indoor air being completely unregulated in most cases, that means you likely don't know how bad it is. It's not as protected as you think. In fact, all of the following can contribute to poor air quality inside:
  • Pesticides
  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Cleaning products
  • Poor ventilation
  • The filter on air ducts getting dirty
  • Outdoor air seeping inside

With such a vast array of things contributing to poor air quality inside, it's a bad idea for health and safety to sit back and let the air quality exist without trying to improve it.  

An air purifier can improve all of these factors by cleaning up the air, regardless of the cause. Some purifiers have been found to be capable of removing 99.97% of particles over 1/83000th of an inch in size from the air!

#2: It Can Protect Your Family If One of Your Becomes Sick

One of the benefits of having an air purifier is to help keep the air well-circulated and fresh. 

In an era where COVID-19 looms over us all, this is very important. If one of your family members falls sick with the virus, using an air purifier in their room to keep the air clear as it circulates around the rest of the house might be essential. 
Experts have stated that although air purifiers can't kill the virus, it can keep the air fresh and keep it at bay. This is because it must attach to dust or mucus in the air to travel. 

An air purifier can also be used as a preventative appliance for those who are healthcare workers and are at a higher risk of being infected. If you're a healthcare worker living with others, keeping one of these around might be very much appreciated by your housemates. 

#3: It Can Improve Your Quality of Sleep

There's even a connection between sleep quality and air quality.
Research has proven that poor air quality means an even worse quality of sleep. The study shows how the amount of time sleeping was lost when the level of air pollution increases. This can become problematic especially as most people need 7 hours of sleep to function at a minimum. 

While you sleep, air purifiers will trap dust, mold spores, and other airborne allergens, allowing you to breathe clean air. This comes to use for everyone but specifically for those with allergies or general breathing problems.

Also, as air purifiers create white noise from the fan, it can help block outside noise while creating a soothing sound for you to fall into a deep sleep. 

Dyson Air Purifiers Might Be Just What You Need

It's time to make sure your house has the air quality that you need and deserve. By monitoring the quality and using an air purifier to keep everything well-ventilated, you're reducing the risk of illness, improving your health, and making sure that you aren't naive to the effects of bad air quality! If you're looking for Dyson air purifiers, Calgary has you covered at Dynamic Vacuums – for example, with this purifier and fan that can sense pollutants in real-time. Shop online as we ship across Canada as well. Check out the rest of our site to learn more, and contact us with any questions.