Our Most Popular Models and the Differences Between Them

One rule that we’ve stuck to as a reliable Calgary retailer of vacuums and accessories is: the right product is more important than the most expensive product. If it were the other way around, we’d sell our heavy-duty janitorial vacuums to everyone, but when all you need is to clean up after kids or pets, you’re better off getting something that suits your specific needs.

Comparing Central Vacuums we’d like you to take note of two models. Firstly, the Duovac Air 10 is our best central vacuum for air quality. This is because of its double filter. When a second filter is used in the Duovac Air 10, it can clear the air of the finest dust particles and cut down on allergens. Its compact size also means it’s quieter than our other central vacuums. Compare it to another brand – the Nadair 600 – and the competition heats up. The Nadair 600 competes with the Duovac in almost every quality except that it’s large size makes it a bit less powerful. The Nadair, however, has a slightly bigger canister for less frequent bag changing.

Compact Vacuums. The competition for compact vacuums starts with Dyson’s range of slim, cordless vacuums. They are powerful for their size, with 20 minutes of no-fade battery life. Size and flexibility are their forté, but 20 minutes is only enough time for frequent and light cleaning. Their bristle/soft fibre combination is good for carpets or hardwood and it advertises “floor to ceiling” flexibility with it’s shape and ball-pivot. Miele Compact C1 is another lightweight vacuum that’s good for hard floors, short carpets and area rugs. It’s not so good on shaggy carpets, but it’s quiet and powerful with sealed filtration. Unlike the Dyson, this vacuum plugs in for longer running time. If you’re a frequent cleaner, the Dyson is probably your tool, but if you have a large, mostly carpet-free home, the Miele is better.

If You Need Something Heavy Duty or simply want to buy the Mercedes of vacuums, go for the Windsor Sensor XP15 or the Sebo 350. Both are ridiculously powerful and responsive vacuums that indicate their ‘health’ back to you on message centers. Sure, they may look like they’re from the 80s, but don’t let that fool you. That’s their efficient German design, in the disguise of Rosie from The Jetsons, and like Rosie, they are both powerful with minds of their own. Both the Windsor and Sebo will shut off if they detect a problem, which in turn helps them protect their motor and belt. The Windsor advertises it’s 99.6% filtration, but the Sebo beats them on motor power. Sebo offers a 5-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty for household use, whereas Windsor offers an industry-leading “stress-free” warranty.

Whatever you prefer, and whatever kind of environment you live or work in, our team is dedicated to finding the right product for you by guiding you through all the industry jargon. Come visit our Calgary location this week at #183-10233 Elbow Dr S.W. T2W 1E8.