Our In-Store Experience

What can you expect from your first visit to Dynamic Vacs? Our widely-regarded vacuum and vacuum accessories store supplies you with a variety of brand and product choices, but what good is that if there’s no customer service to guide your path?

It Might Seem Like a Lot of Questions at first, but each and every customer service experience for us follows a certain protocol to ensure we give our customers accurate guidance and a well-rounded opinion. We want you to walk away with the most informed opinion, so when you do invest in a reliable vacuum it will last you for as long as you expect.

How We Take Price Into Consideration depends on two factors: the customer’s needs and the quality of the vacuum. Some of our vacuums are perfectly suitable to clean a small home or apartment. These might have a detachable battery, small dust casing and slim body. Other vacuums may work just as effectively but are designed to be used for long periods of time without losing suction. We won’t try to sell you a more expensive vacuum when the criteria doesn’t suit your daily needs.

Walking Away With a Guarantee:and when you spend that much time picking out the right vacuum, your last assurance should be to know what your options are if it doesn’t work when you get home. Not only do many of our vacuums come with a specific warranty, we are also a reliable pillar in the community for stocking vacuum parts. Ask one of our staff more about our repair service.

Now that you know you’ll be assisted from door to checkout, it’s time to experience our customer service for yourself! Don’t be shy, come visit us at #183-10233 Elbow Dr S.W. T2W 1E8 today!