Our Favourite Models by Country

At Dynamic Vacs Calgary, we stock vacuums from all over the world. This month, we thought it would be fun to compare the different vacuums we stock by considering where in the world they come from

European Vacuums

The European vacuums we stock come primarily from the UK and Germany. From the UK, we stock Hayden, Dyson and Henry the Hoover (famous for its cute, friendly face). Dyson vacuums were made popular in the early 2000s when James Dyson appeared in commercials describing the bag-free cyclone technology. The tag line “I just think things should work properly” and the unique design made the vacuums popular. Dyson originally made their vacuums in the UK up until 2002, when the manufacturing was relocated to Malaysia. Interestingly enough, despite the nationwide popularity of Henry the Hoover, Hoover is actually an American company which began in 1908 in Ohio. From Germany, we stock a range of household and janitorial standard vacuums from various German cities. These brands include SEBO and Miele.

Asian Vacuums

Panasonic from Japan and Samsung from South Korea are both multi-national appliance companies with a wide range of products. Panasonic manufactures everything from turntables to televisions, and Samsung is more popular for their smartphones than their vacuum cleaners. Both are featured as part of our mobile vacuum collections.

North American Vacuums

We stock a wide range of central vacuums manufactured in Canada and the US. You may think we’re biased because we stock a greater range of products from Canavac and Duovac than we do for the American companies like Lindhaus and Vacuflo. Our response to this is: We think they make better quality products! That’s the simple answer, and that’s why we stock more. Based in Quebec, Duovac has recently celebrated their 50th year of operations, and over the years have been awarded numerous times for their outstanding products.

Are you curious about any of the brands we’ve mentioned here? Why not visit our Calgary store at #183-10233 Elbow Dr. SW (T2W 1E8)? You might find your own favourite among the wide variety of international brands we stock. See you soon!