How Do Central Vacuum Systems Make Cleaning Easier?

All small particles like cloth fibers, paper, hair or skin keep accumulating on the surfaces of your homes and offices over time. Too much dust can aggravate asthma and allergies in some individuals and if you have a pet or a busy household, dirt and allergens are quick to build up. It can get into the carpets and beds, making daily cleaning very important. Apart from maintaining hygiene, this helps extend the life of your carpets by removing grime. Dust and humidity together also boost mould growth in your carpets and damage it. Dragging bulky or awkward vacuum cleaner equipment all through the house is quite cumbersome; with a central vacuum system, cleaning can be done in a jiffy. Dynamic Vacuums  is the preferred choice of many in Calgary for quality products and repairs.

How Do Central Vacuum Systems Work?

When using a central vacuum system, you don’t need to drag the vacuum machine with you. A central unit is fitted in the basement or garage. Centrally located inlets on each level connected to a network of pipes running throughout your house. You can attach power hoses to the inlets to suck up the debris. You can even arrange for the hoses to be pulled easily from the wall and retract automatically after cleaning is finished. The ease of use increases manifold with such an arrangement, especially if you have a multilevel home or office. You need to carry just the hand-held portion of the vacuum instead of the whole system.

The Advantages It Offers

There are several excellent benefits to cleaning with a central vacuum system. Some of them are:

  1. Cleaning Without Much Noise – The motor and filter portion of the vacuum stays in the garage or basement where you install the central unit. You experience almost negligible noise and can talk on the phone, watch TV or listen to music while you vacuum.
  2. Versatile Attachments – There are many effective and versatile attachments available which you can attach to the inlets and use. The hoses are very lightweight and super flexible, helping you reach varying heights or the narrowest areas. You can even get automatic dustpans installed in your walls. You just need to sweep all the dirt up to it and switch on the kick switch; the dirt will get sucked up to the central unit.
  3. Deep Cleaning - Comparatively, central systems have larger motors and better suction ability than hand-held units. This ensures all the dirt and grime is completely removed from your carpets and the rest of the room. The carpets last longer and you enjoy peace of mind with better air quality.
  4. Use It Even in Your Garage – You can install the inlet in your garage and clean your car, truck, boat or RV. It also perfect for your craft area or workshop.
  5. Allergy Relief - As the central unit is installed in your basement, the dirty air sucked in is not exhausted back into the room you just cleaned. This results in the air in your room being fresher with fewer allergens.
  6. Cost Saving and Added Value – Central systems are durable and last longer than the commonly available portable systems. You will spend fewer amounts on vacuum repair and maintenance. Since the system is installed and fixed in your home, it also increases the value of your home for potential buyers.
  7. Adapt to Your Needs – The hoses and accessories are available in different types of colours, lengths and sizes. You can match it with the interior of your space.

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