Giving Your Carpet and Home the Star Treatment

At Dynamic Vacuums, we’re known as your one-stop shop to find a vacuum that fits your home perfectly. We often guide customers from having no idea what they need right through to the final stage of buying a mobile or central vacuum and all its accompanying accessories. But just what are those accessories?

Stone, Laminate, and Tile Cleaner Starting at just $11.99, Bona Pro offers a great product to add the finishing touch to your vacuumed stone, tile, or laminate flooring. This product is designed with the environment in mind, meaning it’s pH neutral, and safe among children or toddlers that may come in contact with it on a floor. It leaves no oily residue unlike some polishes, so you don’t have to worry about a slippery surface after use.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Starting at just $10.99, Bona Pro also makes a hardwood cleaner that’s equally safe for children. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and specifically designed for use on hardwood floors. It gives your hardwood a nice shine, which will reduce the appearance of any scratches you may have on your floor.

Miele is known for their vacuums, but did you know they also have a wide variety of washing products as well? They have specialised formulas for different types of clothing including outdoor wear, sportswear, and a down formula for washing duvets and pillows. That way you can keep comforters and pillowcases looking just as good as your carpet.

So next time you shop with us, be sure to browse our carpet and flooring extras to give your home a sparkling finish. Not sure where to start? Just visit our Calgary store at #183-10233 Elbow Dr. SW (T2W 1E8) and we’d be happy to answer any questions for you.