Electrolux QuietClean™ Pu3650

So you’ve decided on getting a central vacuum, but you’re not sure what’s best to get right now… Let’s walk you through a few features of one of our favourites: the Electrolux QuietClean PU3650.

What is QuietClean™? Central vacuums are powerful units which create suction that travels all through your home for the time you spend vacuuming. Traditionally, like any vacuum, they’re quite noisy. That was the case until Electrolux patented QuietClean™ construction for their central vacuums. With significantly lower decibel volume output, the PU3650 is great for those who have wanted a central vacuum, but weren’t confident about having an isolated place to install it. Plus, the power brush extension also uses QuietClean™, so you can filter air or clean even at inconvenient hours.

Trustworthy and Responsive technology is what Electrolux is all about. In the PU3650, this means giving their customers a 10 year warranty and an LCD display panel which provides feedback on how well the system is operating. Guesswork is eliminated when you know when a bag or filter needs replacing.

Space: On top of a that, the PU3650 boasts its ability to clean an 8,000 square foot space. So if you were worried about finding a vacuum to clean up after your hairy pets in a big Calgary home, look no further.

The PU3650 is the silent soldier in the fight for clean in your home. Visit our store today to hear more about the benefits of central vacuums, or browse our other attachments and accessories. We’re at #183-10233 Elbow Dr S.W. T2W 1E8. See you soon!