Dyson vs. Miele Vacuums: Which to Choose?

Investing in a great vacuum in Canada is important to maintain your home hygiene and health. Allergies affect nearly a quarter of the Canadian population, about 3 million residents.

Vacuums are one of the best appliances to remove dust and allergens from the home, along with other devices like air purifiers and humidifiers. If you’re considering what type of vacuum to buy, Dyson and Miele offer some of the best options for a variety of uses.

Find out how Miele vacuums compare to Dyson vacuums in Calgary to determine which products fit your needs.

Miele Vacuum Review

Miele offers more than 60 German-made vacuums and vacuum accessories. Most of Miele’s vacuums are canister models, which means a pod is connected to your vacuum’s nozzle through a hose. The pod holds the vacuum engine, dust compartment, and filter.

Canister vacuums have space for bigger engines, so they tend to be more powerful. Because of this, Miele vacuums are excellent for different types of flooring. 

Miele's C1, C3 and Cx1 models are excellent for low-pile carpet and hard surfaces. These models are specially designed for cat and dog hair, quick cleanups, and whole-home vacuuming. 

If you have hard floors throughout the home and some area rugs, the C1 Hard Floor and CX1 Blizzard Hardfloor models are best for you. The C3 models are exceptional for all carpeting and hard surfaces. 

Noteworthy Pros:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Canisters can hold 3-5 quarts of dust and dirt
  • HEPA filtration helps eliminate viruses (including COVID-19), pet hair, allergens, and more

Dyson Vacuum Review

Dyson is known for creating highly efficient vacuums that offer simple designs and ease of use. Dyson offers both standard upright and canister vacuums for a variety of uses. With Dyson, you can also choose bagless and cordless models for quick pickup or whole-home cleaning.

Dyson’s cordless upright vacuums feature a sleek design and long-lasting battery. The sucking power on Dyson’s cordless models is powerful enough for hard floors as well as carpet. 

If you opt for a corded Dyson vacuum, you can enjoy specs like a 50 ft. reach and self-adjusting nozzle. Some of Dyson's newer models offer up to 120-minutes of fade-free vacuuming, which means you get the same suction power the whole time. 

Noteworthy Pros:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Bagless models mean you can save money without having to buy new bags and filters
  • Lightweight and ball vacuums allow more mobility around hard-to-reach spots

Purchasing a High-Quality Vacuum

Vacuums should last you about eight years, depending on how much you use them. By investing in a high-quality vacuum, you can get the most of it and make sure it works for long-term use.

Both Miele and Dyson offer some of the best vacuums in the market to help you get through Canada’s allergy and flu season while keeping your home clean. Our Miele vacuums review for Calgary residents shows that the brand focuses on power, while Dyson focuses on ease of use.

Choosing between each brand should come down to your budget, the size of your home, and your preferences. Shop a variety of vacuums and accessories today at Dynamic Vacuums.