Duovac Dealer 50th Anniversary

Happy anniversary to our partners across the country, Duovac. They’re celebrating their 50th anniversary of business, and we’re here to highlight their greatest achievements in that time.

Manufactured in Canada, they are a proud Canuck business that operates just outside Montreal, in Laval. There, they build their premium quality central vacuums which are shipped out to us in Alberta. It’s always nice to work with another Canadian business.

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary is remarkable success, as Duovac pioneered the central vacuum industry. They now offer a range of vacuums to fit your personal needs for air quality and power. Every home is different. Needs will depend on your environment, if you have pets, type of flooring, and general air quality among other things.

Recognised Internationally for consumer excellence, Duovac are our proud partners in serving Canadians with quality products. As businesses, we both aim to serve customers with the product best suited for their home and needs; not necessarily at the highest price.

Happy anniversary Duovac! We wish you 50 more years of excellence and success. To see from Duovac’s line of products, why not visit our showroom? We’re at #183-10233 Elbow Dr S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2W 1E8. See you soon!