Choosing a Central Vacuum

Central vacuums make cleaning a breeze. They consist of a central unit leading to a series of ducts throughout your home. They are a fabulous convenience as they filter debris out of thin air, before it has time to settle as dust.

Are Central Vacuums Right For Your Situation?

By nature of their size, central vacuums require professional installation. For this reason, if you’re renting a home, a central vacuum is probably the wrong choice. However, many a landlord or landlady has been convinced that these are worthwhile investments for a property. New builds usually are the easiest for installing a new central vacuum, but with a little bit of planning, a central vacuum can be installed with minimal disruption.

Great for Any Lifestyle!

Whether you clean frequently or infrequently, spend a lot of time at home, or are always taking trips out of town, central vacuums make things more convenient for everyone. Central vacuums make less noise than the average vacuum. Each one listed on our website should provide you with a decibel rating. For a sense of scale, a lawnmower create sound at around 90 decibels. Central vacuums tend to make noise of about 60-80 decibels.

Air Quality The absolute best thing about a central vacuum is that it can run for a long time without the canister needing to be emptied. Emptying a central vacuum usually only needs to take place about 1 or 2 times a year. Not only that, but the air quality in your home is improved drastically as central vacuums can run without the attachment of a tube or brush head. By circulating and cleaning the air more frequently, central vacuum owners don’t have to do as much dusting or manual vacuuming. If you run your central vacuum to filter the air while you’re away on holiday, you can return to a practically clean house.

If your home sounds compatible with a central vacuum, contact us for more information. We can find a central vacuum that suits both a square footage of your home and the size you have available for a unit. Contact us today at 403-255-5212.