Central Vacuums for New Builds

If you’re soon to move into a newly built or renovated home, you should start to consider the cleaning tools you’ll need for your property. Here are some reasons we think you should consider a central vacuum, which can be conveniently installed in the process of building or renovating a home.

The History of Central Vacuums begins in the 19th century when many homes had a duct system that linked to every room in their house. This was more efficient than sweeping, and although the units were noisy and cumbersome, they could be kept in a laundry or maintenance room. Now, central vacuums are much more efficient – both in size and volume. You may be wondering what the benefits of a 19th century system could be for homeowners in 2017. Central vacuums provide many uses beyond the reaches of a mobile vacuum.

A Variety of Attachments can be hooked up to a central vacuum, including brush heads for hardwood floors and short or long carpets. These are much easier to handle and organize than mobile vacuum attachments. For a start, you’ll no longer have a mobile vacuum unit to move up the stairs, and depending on the flooring in your home, you can keep the attachments nearer to rooms that need cleaning. So if you have pets, frequently host parties, or have a newborn in the house, a central vacuum will save you lots of hassle.

Air Care is another main reason many will choose to install a central vacuum. Central vacuums not only filter out debris from your vacuum hose through the central unit, but they can also be switched on periodically to filter dust, hair, and allergens from the air. If you live in a particularly dusty neighbourhood, or have people in your house who are sensitive to poor air quality, you have even more reasons to consider a central vacuum.

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