Canada 150: Here Are Our Favourite Canadian Companies

Canada has it good when it comes to central vacuum manufacturing, and while that little tidbit fact probably didn’t cross your mind this past July 1st, we’re here to share our Canadian pride for these great companies.

Duovac is based in Laval (QC), and they are a name synonymous with “pioneer”, “state-of-the-art design”, and “innovation”. Their high quality central vacuum business has been running for over 50 years, which makes this brand a giant in the Canadian central vacuum industry. Look out for their signature materials when shopping for a central vacuum: Their combination of painted steel and brushed aluminium adds a luxurious appearance that’s distinctive to Duovac.

Nadair is Canada’s second Laval-based central vacuum manufacturer. They have been operating in Canada for over 35 years. Their latest products work to operate quietly, remain resistant to corrosion in humid environments, and stay environmentally-friendly through mechanical efficiency.


Not far away in Stratford, Ontario, Cana-Vac was founded in 1970. Cana-Vac is all about power, using the most powerful motors in the central vacuum industry. If horsepower is what you’re after, or if you’re worried about how strong your central vacuum will have to be to clean a large home, choose Cana-Vac for a strong and reliable central vacuum system.

Whether or not shopping locally is important to you, you can trust us when we say that these three companies make great products and we’re proud that we can recognise them for Canada’s 150th celebration! Look for them on your next visit to Dynamic Vacs at Southwood Corner in Calgary. (#183-10233 Elbow Dr. SW, T2V 1E8)