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Central Vacuum Installations & Repairs Calgary

Get ready to banish dirt and dust with the ultimate cleaning power: a central vacuum. These bad boys are not only quieter than your average household vacuum, but they also have the superpower to remove 100% of the dirt, dust, and dirty air from your home. Say goodbye to dust bunnies and hello to a home that’s cleaner and fresher than ever before. With a network of pipes snaking through your walls, all that gunk gets sucked up and deposited in a canister, usually in your garage. No more swirling dust clouds or sneezing fits when you clean. Plus, your precious air conditioning system and vents will thank you for sparing them from dust and allergens. It’s time to level up your cleaning game and enjoy cleaner floors and fresher air.

Central Vacuum Installations

Get suction-savvy in no time! Our central vacuum installations are quick and hassle-free, taking just a day to complete. We’ll match the perfect unit to fit your home size. Worried about the budget? No problem! We can hook you up with rough-in piping now and leave the door open for a future machine installation. The power of clean is within your reach!

Central Vacuum Servicing & Repairs

Got a vacuum emergency? We’ve got you covered. DynamicVac is your go-to expert for all things central vacuum. Our team of pros can handle any repair, tune-up, or maintenance your system needs, keeping it running like a champ. Say goodbye to slow cleaning and hello to efficient, speedy results. While central vacuum systems are usually a breeze to maintain, there are those rare moments when you need the professionals. Think clogs, wiring drama, inlet issues, or motor replacements. Don’t stress – let us handle the dirty work.

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