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Johnny Vac JV403P Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum

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What defines well the JV403P is its power of suction of dry and wet materials. If this engine has 1250 watts, the tank of 16 gallons recovery, or 60 liters, can be quickly emptying with the tipping system. We can also remove the tank from the wagon. The JV403 transports itself from a place to another one by the intervention of castors and the metal handle integrated into the cart. Definitively for those who work on building sites.


  • Motor 1250 W
  • CFM: 128
  • Water lift 116"
  • Support with a tilting device
  • Accessories 38 mm
  • Electric outlet to add a power nozzle
  • Swivel wheels
  • Lid handle
  • Come in blue, black and grey colours


  • Crevice tool
  • Floor,rug and dusting brushes
  • Squeegee brush
  • Wand in metal in two parts
  • Plastic wand in two pieces
  • Solid lid handle
  • 8' hose
  • 2 year warranty