Hide-A-Hose Rapid Flex Hose
Hide-A-Hose Rapid Flex Hose

Hide-A-Hose Rapid Flex Hose

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Hide a Hose Rapid Flex Hose Kit

HS402153, HS402154, HS402155, and HS402156

Introducing the Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose. The Rapid Flex is the first Hide-A-Hose capable of functioning without a hose sock. Thanks to the redesign, the Rapid Flex features a smooth exterior that allows for more flexibility and easier maneuverability both within the wall and when extended. It's perfect for installations requiring multiple corners, turns, and planes.

The Rapid Flex Hose also offers a larger diameter than the standard HAH hose and will increase your airflow by up to 25%. This will allow you to have greater cleaning power and performance, even with a smaller power unit. The HAH HS402154 Hose is constructed from a soft touch material completely eliminating the need for a hose sock and protecting your furniture at the same time. 

With "The Retractable Hose Central Vac System," the vacuum hose is stored inside the wall. Each outlet has a hose hidden within the system's own vacuum tubing. When you are finished, the suction from the central vacuum unit retracts the hose back into the wall and out of sight. Then, you simply carry your handle to the next inlet.