Electrolux Central Vacuum Oxygen QuietClean™ Electric 35' Hose Attachment Set

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The Electrolux Oxygen Package is designed to help take the hassle out of cleaning. With all of the tools and attachments necessary to keep your home spotless. With innovative designs, the Electrolux pieces provide an optimal cleaning experience, and is built to last. With Electrolux, you'll worry less about cleaning and spend more time doing the things you really enjoy.

The Electrolux QuietClean Powerhead is the Best In Class Power head. With 3 levels of adjustable height this Powerhead will provide superior cleaning on Low, Medium, And High carpets. 5 Frontal LED Lights provide guidance and illuminate any dirt and large objects, and allow you to easily clean under furniture. The Brush Roller uses a Strong Serpentine belt that won't stretch or break, and with built-in Motor Protection - If anything gets stuck, the motor will simply shut off ensuring a long life expectancy. Quick Release wands allow you to switch quickly between the Power Head and Floor Brush. The Electrolux 13" Premium Floor Brush has a very soft bristle, with a castle-cut design which allows you to suck up dirt and not just move it around. Rubber wheels, and a unique air path allow the brush to glide on your floors ensuring proper pickup. The Hose is made from a crush-proof material, extremely durable and lightweight - leading up to the Ultra Handle. The Ultra Handle features complete control for the Vacuum and the Power Head, ergonomic design and onboard tools allow you to change quickly between carpets, floors, and above floor surfaces. The Soft Touch Grip is very comfortable and will prevent Vacuum Fatigue, and because of the hose swivel, the machine is designed for easy maneuverability.

• 35' electrified hose with 3 way switch for activating the vacuum and power brush
•Swivel neck power brush with multi-level height adjustment.
• 13" wide floor brush.
• Compact dusting brush and crevice tool.
• Durable 35' crush proof hose.
•Telescopic aluminum wand.
• Standard size attachment adaptor.
• Hose Hanger