CanaVac Signature LS-790

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Cana-Vac Signature™ Model LS-790

Cana-Vac Signature™ Model LS-790 (old model LS-750)

Our Signature™ Series Cana-Vac central vacuum line is designed for the lifestyle needs of consumers who have growing families and want a central vacuum system that will be a part of their family for many years to come. Cana-Vac Signature units use only the best Tangential bypass motors from Ametek. What makes the Signature series central vacuum line unique? Their ability to outlive competing vacuums.

The Cana-Vac Signature Series vacuums are the most powerful vacuums in the industry today. Simply because the motor inside is not your typical standard “flow-thru” motor. It utilizes a heavy duty performance motor – Tangential bypass. In simple terms it has a motor that creates more suction, improves vacuum performance and lasts longer than all other standard flow-thru motors.


  • Suction (waterlift): 132”
  • Airwatts: 625 Motor
  • Type: Tangential
  • Motor Size: 6.6”
  • Electrical Warranty: 10 Years Warranty
  • Body, Gaskets: Lifetime Usage
  • Duty Cycle: Heavy Duty
  • Quiet Construction: Yes
  • Dirt Bucket Capacity: 19L / 5 Gal
  • Hybrid: Yes
  • Filtration Type: HEPA Membrane 3-Pack Allergen Bags:
  • Included Exhaust Muffler: Yes
  • 24V Remote On/Off Utility Valve: Yes

Made in Canada