Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack
Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack
Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack
Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack
Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack
Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack

Canavac C725 with LS Supreme Pack

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LS Supreme Pack designed for hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and plush/ultra plush carpeting. Features the Sebo Central Vacuum Powerhead. They effectively clean most types of flooring surfaces, have excellent pet hair removal and are virtually maintenance free! They feature warning systems that assure consistently effective brush agitation and provide automatic shut off, if an obstruction jams their brush rollers, which protects the belts, motors and carpets from damage.

RELIABLE FLOW-THRU MOTOR - Designed for weekly, residential use, the Flow-Thru motor provides good performance at a more affordable price than premium motors. Known for its reliability in light to medium duty applications, it relies on filtered vacuum air to cool itself during operation. gives you powerful 700 airwatts, 140 inch of waterlift.Easily covers up To 8000 Sq. Ft. square feet area. 7 Year Motor & Electrical Warranty

MICRO-EFFICIENCY FILTRATION for dust and standard pollutants: This “hybrid” model can be used with or without a bag, at any moment, and is equipped with a self-cleaning filter which captures microscopic particles. One bag is included with the Central Vacuum. 16 Litre/4 Gallon Dirt Pail

QUIET PACK PLUS: features motor and muffler insulation along with an insulated domed lid for additional noise reduction. 



    Canavac C725:

    Sebo attachment kit:

    Quiet Construction: Yes

    Flexible hose, 30’ or 35' Swivel ‘’Gas Pump" type handle and 360 degree Swivel 
    Electrical requirements: 110-120V/1744W/15A Sebo ET-1 German Electric power head
    Maximum Air Watts: 700 Tool Caddy
    Maximum depression (H2O): 140 Crevice tool
    Motor Type: Flow Thru Articulating floor brush 30cm (12'')

    Warranty: 7 year

    Chrome telescopic wand for floor brush chrome telescopic wand for Powerhead with integrated cord (electric)
    24V Remote On/Off Utility Valve: Yes Wand hanger
    Canister capacity: 16L / 4 Gal

    Soft Rubber Round Dusting brush Soft Rubber Upholstery brush

    Hybrid: Yes

    3 Year warranty on attachments 

    10 Years On ET-1 Powerhead

    Filtration Type: HEPA

     Quiet Exhaust Muffler