Miele SEB 228 Powerhead

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Miele SEB228 Direct Connect Powerbrush The Miele SEB228 electric power head is a great mid range unit for cleaning a variety of carpet densities. With 5 levels of adjustment, the agitator has been engineered to lift deep pile carpet, gently agitate delicate carpet and remove stubborn dirt such as pet hair and deeply embedded dust. This head is very easy to maneuver because of the pivoting neck and rubberized wheels. It twists and turns effortlessly around table legs and navigates under low furniture. When not in use the Miele SEB228 will stand on its own and it has a quick release lever so you can effortlessly disconnect the extension wand. For added durability Miele uses a non-slip flat belt that runs very quiet. If the brush becomes stuck on a large object, a trigger shuts the motor off to prevent damage and is easily reset with the push of a button. Key Features: Designed for deep cleaning carpet. 5 level carpet height adjustment. 14" cleaning path. Geared, non-slip belt. Quick release foot pedal. Fits Models: All Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners with Direct Connect Power Wands (SET210 & SET220) MADE IN GERMANY

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