Ametek Lamb 116765-00 Central Vacuum Motor

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Ametek Lamb 116765-00 Central Vacuum Motor

Intended for central vacuums, industrial vacuums and blowers, and similar applications replaces all versions of the 116765 motor used in all types of industries spanning many decades. Older model 116765 motors may not be marked properly with the motor number and some may have 11-6765 or just a 6765.


- 3-Stage

- Tangential Bypass Motor

- Ball Bearings

- Diameter: 5.7 inch

- Height: 8 inch

- Voltage: 110-120

- Amps 13.1

- Hz: 50/60

- Waterlift: 136"

- CFM: 95

- AirWatts: 465

- Warranty: One Year Residential


Replacement motor for models:

Aerus E117A Aerus E177A Aerus ECV1590A Aerus ECV1690A Afuera Electrolux AirVac AV600 AirVac AV3500 AirVac FX3000 AirVac ZX6000 AstroVac SR-40 AstroVac SR-41 AstroVac SR-40V AstroVac SR-43 With Flat Bottom AstroVac SR-82 AstroVac SR-88 Aqua Air 130 Aqua Air 230 Beam 90 Beam 197C Beam 197S Beam 199C Beam 225A Beam 275A Beam 261 Beam 299A Beam 371 Beam 377 Beam 2100 Beam 2150 Beam 2220 Beam PE371 Centralux 1580 Centralux 1590 Dust Care DCC6 Duovac Sig 1465 Electrolux 1580 Electrolux 1590 Eureka AAA137 Eureka CV137BF Eureka CV137C Eureka CV137D Eureka CV137F Eureka CV1601F Eureka CV920A Eureka CV1601-B Eureka CV1601BF Eureka CV1601D Eureka CV1601G Eureka CV160H Eureka CV1601K Eureka CV1601L Eureka CV1801A Eureka CV1801B Eureka CV1801D Eureka CV1801G Eureka CV1801H Eureka CV3231A Filtex FX800 Hayden 6000 Hoover S5626 Frigidaire FGCV315SQ RhinoVac 399R-L RhinoVac 399R-Booster and more!

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