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The SEBO Dart brings all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in the convenience of an upright style. With its ability to swiftly morph into a hand-held vac, this powerhouse is the perfect partner to help keep your home dust and dirt free.

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Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum The SEBO Dart brings all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in the convenience of an upright style. With its ability to swiftly morph into a hand-held vac, this powerhouse is the perfect partner to help keep your home dust and dirt free. Inside the smart blue and white styling lies SEBO’s well-known three step, S-Class hospital grade filtration system so not only are surfaces kept ship-shape, but even your indoor air is fresh and clean. Power to Spare 1300 watts of cleaning power are at your disposal from Dart’s German-engineered, high-end quality motor. The Dart is equipped with the ET-1 power head, excellent for deep carpet cleaning, gathering even pet hair and dander. A manual brushroll on/off switch is operated by a single tap of your toe on the power head for areas requiring straight-suction vacuuming. The distinctive L-shape of the power head makes it unbeatable for reaching places other vacuums can’t, like underneath the edges of cabinets and solid furniture. Boasting superior edge-cleaning and a-flat-to-the-floor, 6-inch profile, there isn’t anywhere the Dart won’t reach. Top Flight Filtration It’s fine for a vacuum to have great suction, flexibility and all that, but if it’s blowing dirty air back into your home, what’s the point? Especially if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, you want to know clean air is being exhausted from your vacuum. The SEBO Dart provides 3 stages of filtration.
  • Top Fill Bag: This multi-layer dust bag accumulates debris from the bottom up so dirt and dust isn’t recirculated inside the bag or the unit. Seal it with the dust cap to ensure no allergens escape during removal and disposal.
  • Pre-Motor Filters: After passing through the filter bag, air is further refined by a pre-motor filter before passing over the motor. Cleaner air passing over the motor extends its life expectancy.
  • Microfiltration: Constructed of electrostatic microfibers, the S-class microfilter exhaust filter removes 99.9% of harmful air particles down to 0.3 microns.
SEBO Dart provides S-Class filtration all in a sealed system. A sealed system means no air—and no dirt or dust—leaks from the vacuum housing itself. SEBO vacuums are tested under operating conditions, not in a lab and are proven to keep dirt, dust, hair and debris inside the vacuum. You indoor air will be sea-breeze fresh. On-Board Hose & Tools The Dart’s integrated instant-use suction hose is always at the ready so you don’t have to retrace your steps to clean furniture, curtains and moldings. Together with an on-board combination dusting brush and crevice tool, you can quickly put a shine on your entire home. Detach the power head completely and you have a hand-held vac you can take virtually anywhere, including cars, boats, RV’s, and campers. All the Bells & Whistles The SEBO Dart is equipped with so many extras to make cleaning easy and super-efficient, the list is as long as a yard-arm.
  • Large Capacity Filter Bag holds almost an entire gallon (.92) of debris within 3 filtered layers to ensure containment. Included hygiene caps can be used prior to removal and disposal so everything stays trapped. And a bigger bag means fewer bags used and more money saved.
  • Full Bag/Clog Indicator lets you know if there is an obstruction in the airflow pathway, indicating a full bag or a clog, and also when the microfilter is excessively dirty. To prevent overheating of the motor, an airflow bypass valve opens until the bag or filter is changed.
  • Brush Obstruction Light indicates a jam in the power head and the brush roller automatically shuts off. This keeps the belt from breaking, protects the motor and your carpet from damage. Simply pull whatever was under the bed out with one easy tug and continue vacuuming.
  • Easy Brush Removal allows for quick cleaning of the brush roll from long hair, threads, and other debris. Pop off the edge cover, turn and pull the brush roll out. Remove debris and return to the power head, replacing the edge cover. Simple!
  • 4 Height Levels can be manually adjusted with your toe by pressing the button on the power head so you can be sure to use the best height for the surface you’re cleaning.
  • Incorrect Height Setting Indicator will illuminate on the power head when the brush height is too high for optimal cleaning. This will also light when the brush roll is reaching maximum bristle wear.
  • Clog Removal Door allows you to easily access the power head for removing any obstruction.
  • Soft Start-Up means the Dart’s motor gradually powers up when turned on, helping extend its life.
  • 31-Foot Power Cord means less time wasted changing outlets…just when you were almost finished!
  • Uses the DISCO Head for polishing hardwoods or any hard flooring you want to keep shiny. This optional attachment can even be used to restore marble or other floors that have lost their original finish.

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