CanaVac Ethos ES 625

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Ethos™ central vacuums are designed to meet the lifestyle needs of those who desire to own a central vacuum but don't want the expense or require the longevity of our Signature™ series. The Ethos central vacuum system is an ideal system for first time home buyers, couples and for smaller living spaces such as condominiums or retirees. Ethos™ is the perfect fit for their lifestyle requirements. Reliable FLOW-THRU MOTOR is designed for weekly use. Micro-Efficiency Filtration for dust and standard pollutants. 7 to 10 Year Rest-Easy Warranty on registration for peace of mind. Quiet Pack Plus features motor and muffler insulation along with an insulated domed lid for additional noise reduction. Specs: 600 Airwatts Suction 137” Flow-Thru Motor 7 Year Warranty All Metal Construction 16Litre Capacity Dual Intakes Micro-Filtration Bag or Bagless For Homes up to 6,000 Square Feet Size 13" x 37½”

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