Multipurpose Canister Vacuums in Calgary

Total Home Cleaning Vacuums

Canister vacuums are a reliable and efficient way for Calgary homeowners and businesses to clean their properties. These vacuums are typically lightweight and very easy to carry around your space to clean efficiently. Canister vacuums also have increased suction when compared to upright vacuum cleaners.

If noise is a big factor for you, canister vacuums are much quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners, making them a great choice for parents, hospitals, and any other circumstance where you would like a quieter vacuum.

 The options available for canister vacuums are extensive, allowing you or your staff to clean all types of surfaces quickly and efficiently. We carry many of these tools in our online store including small brush tools, crevice tools, carpet, and dry floor tools.

One additional benefit to canister vacuums is that they have larger motors due to their weight distribution, which allows for larger filters allowing you to get more life out of your parts.

Wet-Dry Canister Vacuums

Wet-dry canister vacuums are used to clean up both wet spills and common debris typically picked up by normal vacuum cleaners. These types of vacuums can be especially useful in certain situations where small to moderate amounts of liquids need to be cleaned up. Some canister vacuums with large tank sizes can even be used to clean up flooded areas.

Dry Canister Vacuums

These types of canister vacuums are used for cleaning only dust, dirt, and debris found on soft flooring that is found in homes, offices, and buildings like hotels. They are also exceptional at cleaning hard floors typically found in restaurants or retail stores. They are extremely versatile tools used by homeowners and across many different industries.

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